• 2 shares Facebook Twitter Pinterest2 Grieving a loss over the course of years is wearing on the soul. Watching someone, especially your mother, slowly disappear before your eyes is devastating. There are things no one tells you when a parent receives an early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis. One can assume and attempt to prepare for, but… [Continue Reading]

    Peace after Alzheimer’s: Saying Goodbye to my Mother
  • Stay – Eat – Play As a mom who tends to travel alone, I try to pick and choose locations based on a number of factors. As the age of my kids have changed, so have the factors. Picking and choosing destinations that make me feel comfortable traveling alone with my kids at any age… [Continue Reading]

    Traveling as a Single Mom- Hilton Head Edition
  • My son and I took a quick trip to Knoxville TN this past Saturday. Tickets to see Broadway’s farewell tour of Rent called for a day trip to walk around and find good food. Priorities, you know?! I’m pretty sure when he opened the gift Christmas morning to see tickets to Rent, that I was… [Continue Reading]

    Knoxville TN
  • It was 1 year and 9 months ago that I wrote the blog post about weight loss struggles and learning to love your body. Where I really opened up and got vulnerable with my issues of self-image, struggles with yo-yo dieting and eating disorders. And to be honest, I really thought I would make changes… [Continue Reading]

    Love Your Body
  • First of all, what is consistency? Well according to good ol’ Webster dictionary it is: : the quality or fact of staying the same at different times Let’s elaborate further. According to TalkSpace, consistency in a relationship is defined as: “Consistency is a combination of behaviors that include dependability, trust, and a true desire to have… [Continue Reading]

    Why is Consistency in a Relationship Important?